2.900 Ft

Prevent diseases with our revolutionary product, the RINI!

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RINI is a lightweight small device which can turn our whole day entirely contactless. The developed button pushing extension, the handle opening ring or the protecting shield all have the same purpose: to help us with prevention comfortably, without much effort and to make our everyday life easier. If it is about opening the door of a car, pushing a button in an elevator or using a public bathroom: the RINI will protect you. Be mindful and avoid critically dangerous situations!

Available colors: Indigo, Beige, Gray


A) Button protrusion
B) Clench opening ring
C) Targe
D) Fangs
E) Hilt
F) Mortise for keyring

Length x width x height:
95 x 70 x 65 mm

Weight: 35 gramm

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