Prevent diseases with our revolutionary product, the RINI!

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The pandemic of 2020 taught us two things. The first is that the restrictions needed to prevent the virus from spreading take great sacrifices from all of us, the other one is that the proper preventing steps can help us avoid making these sacrifices. According to international virologists, it is time to settle in for this situation as from now on the different pandemics might reach our country one after the other.

The best we can do is prevention! RINI is a lightweight small device which can turn our whole day entirely contactless. The developed button pushing extension, the handle opening ring or the protecting shield all have the same purpose: to help us with prevention comfortably, without much effort and to make our everyday life easier. If it is about opening the door of a car, pushing a button in an elevator or using a public bathroom: the RINI will protect you. Be mindful and avoid critically dangerous situations!

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A) Button protrusion
B) Clench opening ring
C) Targe
D) Fangs
E) Hilt
F) Mortise for keyring

Length x width x height:
95 x 70 x 65 mm

Weight: 35 gramm

About us

Even the most hopeless situations can create value. During the coronavirus pandemic the quarantine days of Roland Rakóczki were mostly the same as everyone’s, with one exception! He could not help but think about how one can stop the spreading of a virus when the biggest enemy of the virus is soap? The RINI was born right there and then, which revolutionizes the definition of being contactless. The goal is to create a device which minimizes the contact with often used objects in public areas. The idea was followed by plans, strategy, creation and testing, and then RINI was finished!

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The prevention is not only great for your health, but also good from the economic policy standpoint. You can make sure your employees are safe in the office and on their way there.
If you would like to order in larger quantity or self-branded products, reach out to us to receive a personal offer.